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Jamie Goodland

Original Poster

Tried using the post empty feature but it's useless on my android phone (galaxy note 3) as it keeps changing the date I enter.

So... VW Caddy empty in Tonbridge tomorrow (Monday) heading back to Birmingham 9.30 to 10ish am. Will go almost anywhere for the right price though :)

Regards Jamie 07927 157510

RGM Courier Services


Same here. (Galaxy S3) It takes about 5 minutes to get the date entered correctly.



When you post empty do you get a response, if so I better ditch the iPhone.

Jamie Goodland

Original Poster

At least you can post empty with an iPhone! I didn't even get that far as I the wrong date makes it useless

Admin are you there? You have a potential paying customer here even if it is for the local [insert choice word here] to get myself known. But if I can't enter dates I can't post empty. I can't filter loads. And can't do anything else that needs a date.

...Whilst talking about this is there an android app on the way?

Website Admin


Thanks for the heads up on difficulties you are having.

Are you entering a full date (i.e. with a full 4 digit year)? I'm able to post empty with no problems on an iPhone, but of course I am aware of the requirements (sometimes it's difficult to test for usability from a fresh point of view).

I suspect it might not be clear enough what to enter from your post? Just trying to work out where it's going wrong for you.

Jamie Goodland

Original Poster

It's anywhere a date is involved. Makes quoting very hard work which isn't what you want if you're at services for a pee break and need to get moving.

The cursor jumps all over the place. I can't figure it out but know it takes around a minute or 2 or 5 to get the date and time right. It'd be a lot easier if the collection time defaults to say 30 minutes before the latest time stated. Or if drop down boxes were used. Best would be the bug being fixed :)

mtvan.com Ltd


We're working on this.

Have you tried using Chrome instead of the standard browser?

Jamie Goodland

Original Poster

Glad to hear it's being worked on and, knowing more than just a bit about IT, look forward to it working promptly.

Chrome is one of the first app I installed.

Just tried the stock browser AND Firefox (not going to waste time trying others.. this is the developers' jobs and should have been done already)...

Stock browser: entering the start date to filter jobs is better but still awkward, but when tapping on anything else it keeps cycling through selecting all text in each date box. Bizarre.

Firefox: can type the day but when typing the month it deletes the whole date!

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