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Something is not working right when I post empty. I've just put on my empty journey for tomorrow morning.

Firstly, it's in the news feed and looks like I'm doing the journey now. Second, if I click the 'journey' link in the news feed it does nothing Third, if I look at it in the 'Courier Directory' it says I'm doing 5310 empty miles, which I bloody hope not as I think the job might be at a loss!!!!!

Am I doing something wrong?

RGM Courier Services


mine's exactly the same Scott. Probably the most important feature on the site and it doesn't seem to work. I don't. use it much, I just post directly onto newsfeed . Over to you Admin. for assistance.

Website Admin


Posting empty is working fine. It's just a display issue/confusion on the news feed.

You will find yourself empty in the courier directory, and we are sending alerts based on empty location.

May I remind you that if you think you have a technical problem we suggest you contact us directly using the contact form. Please read the forum guidelines.

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