Courier Forum Guidelines

What kind of things can I discuss on the mtvan forum?

The courier forum is for owner drivers and courier companies; people involved in the courier industry. We feel the best topics for discussion are ones where advice and opinions can be given, but if your topic falls into one of the categories below, you’re on the right forum!

  • a question about an aspect of couriering
  • advice about insurance for couriers
  • technology or software for couriers, on the road or in the office
  • billing/invoicing
  • how to price courier work
  • any other practical business advice

Please have a look around and see if your topic has already been discussed and add to it if necessary. Of course it’s also ok to open your own new topic.

What kind of things should I not discuss on the mtvan forum?

You should only discuss practical courier related topics where you give or could receive useful advice or opinion from other experienced or inexperienced members.

To avoid your topic being locked and possibly removed, try to avoid making the following types of post.

  • a rant
  • naming and shaming
  • anything rude or offensive
  • inappropriate images
  • anything that brings the site into disrepute
  • anything that is critical of another members business just because you don’t like it.
  • anything that is critical of another member because of the rate they quote or the rate they offer on their work
  • you may not start a support related topic, please contact us directly. From time to time we may ask for feedback about mtvan to help improve the site or possibly find out more about a potential problem that has been reported to us.

Please pay careful attention to the forum rules.

Forum Rules

We hope you give our forum guidelines the attention they deserve. Here’s a brief check list to let you know of our main requirements and what we frown upon.

  • do write in good English (or Dutch), using correct grammar and formatting
  • do provide a thread title that is relevant to the discussion, i.e. no threads with titles similar to ‘FAO Steve’ or ‘Annoyed’ etc
  • do make sure your entire post is easy to read
  • do not post libellous or defamatory comments
  • do not use our forum to insult us or our other members
  • do not post critical remarks about other members business practices, if another member is behaving dishonestly (non-payment etc) then let us know directly
  • do not use bad language or any language that may offend others
  • do not post unhelpful or nasty comments
  • do not bully our members
  • do not swear
  • do not post pornography or images containing nudity (inc. implied nude)
  • do not post empty on the forum
  • do not post adverts for work on the forum
  • do not post your contact details, they’re on your profile
  • do not call into question the mtvan admin teams handling of unwanted posts and/or threads, if you think something is incorrect let us know directly

The aim of our rules is to promote a healthy, vibrant, friendly and helpful courier forum.

Breaching the above rules is likely to result in the removal of offending posts. Continually breaching our rules may result in being banned from our forum and/or mtvan as a whole. You have been warned!

We wish to moderate the forum as little as possible however where action has been taken our decision is final and is not a suitable topic for discussion on the forum. If you have an issue with moderation or behavior on the forum you should talk to us directly.  If you chose to bad-mouth us or our members publicly elsewhere it will never help your position.

How can I open a new discussion?

Any mtvan member can start a new topic for discussion. As soon as you post, other members will immediately be able to share their knowledge on your area of interest.


You are required to be civil at all times; rudeness will not be tolerated.

Be nice.

Treat others with the same respect you’d want them to show you. We’re all here to learn more about the courier industry together. Be tolerant of others who may not know everything you know. Have a sense of humor.

Do I need an mtvan account?

You do not need an mtvan account to view the forum. You can head over there right now and take a look at wide range of topics posted by our members. To participate on the forum you must be a member. Don’t worry, it’s easy to register and get started.

Why are some topics closed?

Topics may be closed if they’re unlikely to provide any useful information. Perhaps the topic of choice was not relevant for the courier industry or the community on mtvan, or the thread had gone off-topic and no longer reflected the title. We’re likely to close a topic with multiple posts containing largely poor quality content. Here’s some common reasons a topic may be closed:

  • exact duplicate of another topic
  • off topic, not suitable for mtvan or the intentions of the forum to be a useful courier industry resource
  • not constructive
  • defamatory comments will be removed immediately

Posting irrelevant content or spoiling useful discussions repeatedly is likely to result in restrictions in your use of mtvan.

Can I use a signature or tag line?

Please do not use any signature on your posts. Every post you make already has your information attached to it with a link back to your mtvan profile with contact details.

Your profile page belongs to you – fill it with information about you and your business, update it with what you’re doing, a picture and insurance documents.

May I promote products or websites that I am affiliated with?

We take a dim view on overt self-promotion and tend to treat it as you would any other spam. If you’re an insurer or provider of services to the courier industry you may not join mtvan. We’re a trade only website and will remove you immediately and suggest to our members to steer clear. If you have something to offer our members please get in touch with us directly.