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PB Express

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Am i missing something?

First off i cant for the life of me get my head round the form

Why on earth would i want a journey reference

This needs simplifying

Empty in fakenham

09:00 xlwb transit

Thats all thats needed what does it matter where im coming from

Furthermore whats the point in posting empty when there is no

Return journey page where companies can access this information

There's been many a time ive been booked for a reload on cx

Before ive even tipped simply because companies that know how to

Fully utilise the site will look on return journeys and see if there is a

Suitsble vehicle clearing in the area they have a gtm



I couldn't agree more. I tried posting empty from ipswich to manchester and it just didnt work for me.



I have given up posting, takes too long




S J Cater Couriers Ltd


Strongly agree

Website Admin



PB Express

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I'm glad you agree admin

I'm not having a dig at mt van by any means i would just like to see the functionality of it improved both for the drivers and the vendors unless these sort of improvements are made i think the site will remain in limbo as i said before if prolific posters of work don't get a response they stop posting and go elsewhere.



I meant to post something similar. The other day I wanted to post that I would be empty in Reading returning home empty. I did it while waiting at traffic lights but it's fiddly to do - first off you can't just put the name of the town, you have to fill both fields. Then, for the second one, even though "returning home" was checked, I still had to fill in my home address before it would submit.

If it was much simpler to use while on the move it would be a lot more useful.

PB Express

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Yes exactly the problem i had tom

In the end i just couldn't be a***d with it so posted on all other sites

All i wanted to put was where i was clearing vehicle size and what time

I don't see that it matters where your coming from

And your base doesn't really have any relevance because if a gtm comes in

Or a company rings and offers you work most of us would go in any direction



Gave up as well

Beeline Couriers UK


Yes, this needs to be improved. I just did it today (for tomorrow) and it doesn't give much information so I just used the Newsfeed instead.

Website Admin


This thread is about a previous version of the post empty page. We feel that the original post and other comments in this thread have now been addressed successfully with our new simpler post empty page (added a while back now).

There are some comments about the new page now here.

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