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About Ltd

Co-founded over 10 years ago. Still very committed to the mission.

(Spring 2020) We're working hard to bring you a big update to fix any errors and to bring the whole site up to date.

Please see our YouTube channel for videos.

Please see my LinkedIn page to find out more about me.

I am 100% not connected with any courier or courier company. That goes for everyone here. mtvan is 100% independent.

I hold a UK National CPC, and I used to teach the CPC syllabus at a further education college in my spare time.

Please message me or call me if you have any suggestions or comments, or if you just need a hand with something on mtvan.

Very interested in particular to hear from people wanting to put work on, and people interested in tracking for couriers, and software for small courier companies and owner drivers.

All couriers, courier companies and freight forwarders welcome.

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