Courier Tracking App

mtvan Courier Mobile AppTracking for couriers is free and easy

The mtvan courier app (iOS and Android) is designed for couriers, delivery drivers, independent contractors, and small and large courier companies.

Our apps can be downloaded and used by any mtvan member free of charge, from the App Store, or from Google Play, as appropriate.

Share your location, if you want to

The app tracks where you are (if you set it to say that’s ok). The tracking displays your location on the mtvan map page so controllers can contact you directly.

Get accurate courier work alerts

The app lets our systems know where you are, so you can get up-to-date email alerts on your smartphone.

You can also add a status such as “Empty” “Loaded with space” or “Fully loaded” and some free text to give more detail.

You can use the mtvan app on your iOS device (iPhone). Our Android tracking app works on all modern versions of Android. Get it here on Google Play.

Download the mtvan courier mobile app on the App Store