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Keep up to date with what other owner drivers and courier companies are doing. Display your current status to other site members. Look out for new courier work as soon as it's added.

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Be the first to know about new jobs

As every booking is placed on mtvan it is reported on the news feed. We show you who has posted the work and the collection and delivery details. If you can cover the work, just click through to make an offer.

Keep your address book up to date

Updates to contact name, address, vehicles, even profile pictures are listed as they're updated. With mtvan you should never find yourself phoning round old numbers of people who have long since moved on from courier work.

Know the journey plans of 100's of couriers

The news feed is an invaluable tool if you're a busy controller. We display planned journeys as they're entered so you know if someone's already heading in the same direction as one of your jobs. Make use of the spare capacity on mtvan and improve your businesses margins.

Get the news feed in your RSS reader

We syndicate all of our news into our imaginatively named 'News Feed' RSS feed. If you're used to getting your updates in this format, here's the link.