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(Last bit of advice needed......honest :)


I currently have a Vauxhall astra van, but annt something bigger to widen my options. THe 10,000,000 dollar question is what would you advise? What would cover all bases when it comes to courier work, ive heard many of you use a sprinter, or some a transit van...what would you advise?

(Im looking for makes and models, not price range....) :)





You stopped short of asking "whats the best van?" 

IMHO the best van is ..............................a motorbike!



Quite agree!

just a shame you can't get 4 pallets on one   :)

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Astra van....quick but not a good van for a courier...load space is very limited and the back door opening up is a problem for forklifts.

Not the end of the world if you do have one (2 of my guys have) but really important to tell whoever you're doing a job for that you have an astra, cos some small van jobs won't fit
Berlingo sized smallvan is wot i'd recommend



if you're sure its not a bike then I do like the combo's

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I'd recommend a berlingo. It takes euro pallet plus some. They're reliable and pretty economical. Apart from a recon gearbox, 2 clutches and a recon cylinder head, it's been pretty reliable!! (done 320,000 miles though, {09 reg))

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Sounds a bit like the " Maintained it for 20 years. This old brooms had 17 new heads and 14 new handles in its time."



I've always liked Berlingos but the one I have now has the most uncomfortable seat I've ever sat in. Mind you it's good at driving through floods as I discovered on Tuesday.

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I went up to a missan nv200 from a combo because its economically good for both small van work and light end transit size work as it takes 2 euro pallets unfortunately its been making a bad engine noise from about 30000 miles and nissan mechanics cant fix it and nissan customer service are no help what ever. Now have 56000 on it and its still not fixed.

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Not sure about the engine fitted to the Nissans, lots of bad reports over the years.

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