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I've had a really good 5 months in the industry.

Ongoing contract work from one single company for 4 months and the rest bits and bats from here and there. The contract has now finished and I'm now on this site trying to get work. I was looking to expand and buy another vehicle but I do think that's a bad idea. I also wanted to know if anyone is using fuelcards and which is the best one?

Anyway good luck to everyone in the new year and have a merry and wonderfull christmas

Craig Warnock Couriers


I use my fuel cards from uk card services ltd. Never had any problems with them. Get an ok rate aswell.

Springer Express Couriers


please see previous threads on fuel cards, but we save around £1000 per year using fuel cards as well as time saved on VAT admin, we are on £1.10 for shell and £1.13 for BP +vat plus you keep your easily skimmed debit or credit card in your wallet!!



DPG its a uk fuels card £110.6 this week

DropZone Couriers Ltd

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Thanks for the replies, will definitely read previous posts.

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