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I joined a month or two ago on the basic package just to see whats what really and while my current job finishes, that time has now come so im in the market for a van. Should i just go for a transit connect or should i go for lwb transit what are pro's and con's? Also what are people charging per mile for similar vehicles? 

Any advice would be appreciated

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I would have a phone round your local courier companies and see what they are short of,
The SWB transit work seems to be getting less and less,
The new generation of small vans coming out seem to be able to carry as much weight as the older SWB vans so it would appear a straight choice small van berlingo or simular are perfect or a LWB
Sprinter or crafter etc,  as for prices a real minefield at the moment normally 0.70p for a small van and 0.80-0.85p for a large, but again as we have all said before find out your running cost inc your wages and you will see what you need to charge to make of profit,

if you run a LWB you can always pick up small van work to get you home but you can't do it the other way round,
Dave B

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Are you based in Hull ?  I ask as i don't go hull too regular, and if you take up the rein's of a business, you need to know that its a lot easier if you are not out on a limb, in a economically challenged city.
If you have not worked as a courier before, and have no contacts and have no friendly transport managers paying 80pence per loaded mile,  then please reconsider your business plan.
Then take whatever  plan to your most cyanical aqquaitance so they can pull it apart.

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Thanks for the replys, yeah im based in Hull out on a limb as you say

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As a rule of thumb i always say get the biggest small van or the biggest big van you can afford.
E.G Get a berlingo or scudo size and not a car derived van with a tailgate.
 Get a LWB  transit size and not a SWB.

Well that's my advice.

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take all your money you have saved for a van and blow it all on lottery tickets thats my advice 

Best Van Man


I will drink to that !



i used to use a 1.8 berlingo van. now i use a citroen relay 2.2cc hdi. MWB, they both do the same to the gallon same tax. a bit more insurance..be wary of the insurance as they are all out to con you. i tolled one i was an hgv driver' he wanted near £5000. he said it was cos i was a driver.. i tolled him where to go.  i rang a few days later, said i was a gardener, and gues what £5000. con...con...con. anyway i average 30mpg fully loaded. still same as the little berlingo empty.

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