advice on running in europe..

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we have started transporting cars a while ago nd were doing ok with it im now thinking of taking on some european work initially france until i get a bit more confidence. im just looking for some advice really best crossing prices road tolls fuel costs and additional insurance costs and recovery cover. if anyones got any experience please let me know how you find it. is it profitable etc etc.. thanks in advance Paul

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Hi Paul,

I'd get yourself a tag for the tolls, you can get them online over here from SANEF unless you have a LHD vehicle, saves jumping out at every booth and gives you monthly invoicing.

Freightlink are quite good for the tunnel and crossings however Eurotunnel are now offering better prices with a direct trade account and you don't have to pay both ways up front, so if you're coming back a different route you don't lose out. Not sure what the XLWB rates are like with a trailer though.

If you're down past Bordeaux or in that area get in touch, I know of a very good rest stop with mobile home / caravans. It's secure overnight parking just off the A10 that a lot of the French motorway workers usually use but is run by an English couple. You can use the place to store your trailer if needed too. They also have a big old workshop if something falls off your wagon!

There's lots lots more but this is my first post and I'm sure others have plenty of advice.

Tees Valley Logistics

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hanks very much for that loads of usefull info ill be sure to give you a bell if im down that way sounds good.. still very nervous about dipping my toe in like..

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