New courier, any tips and advice?

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On the verge of taking the plunge in to courier work, i have got myself a decent van(peugeot partner)2013 model and the Bussiness use insurance is sorted, got some quotes on GIT insurance and will pay for that once i start hauling. I Intend to do it on a part time basis to start with as my job does not finish until January, i am currently driving 7.5 tonner vehicles and also have a class 1 lgv licence.

Been at my existing job over 30 years, so going self employed is daunting to say the least, invoices, acconts ect ect. Not had time to read the mtvan web site properly yet as to how one would be paid or how to bid for jobs, pricing them and all that stuff.

I have no doubt these questions have been asked before, but i've not yet had time to trawl through the forum as i only joined today.

Tips and advice would be greatly received.




Business Use insurance? My first tip would be make sure your insurance covers you for Hire & Reward, you can get insurance on vans "for use in connection with your business as a courier" (meaning you could visit customers in it) but it isn't correct insurance to carry customers goods for reward & it won't be adequate.

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Steve the pricing is something you should have worked out before getting the van really. Make sure you get courier or hire and reward insurance business insurance is no good to you for courier work. Work you mpg out at about 38-40 to give your self some room for manoeuvre in your pricing. As for rates subbing your looking at at about 50 - 70ppm for a small van 60-65 seams to be that average for your size of van. Just make sure you do yiu sums correctly before setting off

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Spend hours after hours reading up on www.codforum.

almost every question you would need to ask has been answered on there.

Good luck

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Hi Steve,

When you get the chance it definitely is worth going through the forum on here. Also, search for the things you want to know more about (Search tab on the General Discussion page).

You might also be interested in the information in our blog, and we have some articles over on Tony's Guide.

Of course if you can't find the answer to something feel free to ask here. All questions related to couriering are welcome here whether you're new to the industry or experienced.

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Don't do it!



If you hadn't already bought the van I would have advised you not to splash out on a brand new van but to go for a three or four year old one. But since you have I can't. I never understand why people in this business buy brand new when depreciation due to mileage is one of your biggest costs.

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You will be ok with your Partner van some guy on here said they do 60 mpg

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LwsExpress transport solutions said:

Don't do it!

He hasen't.

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