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Who else finds the pick up/drop off details on the work offered page confusing? Sometimes it looks like an item can be delivered before it's available for collection! I contacted one courier company and pointed this out, whereupon I was thanked and it was corrected, but blimey!

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Lack of concentration I'd say, but the system shouldn't allow it to be posted if its a cock up like that

I have serious concerns about the site and it's effectiveness. Posted work - milage, fact 42 miles. According to the site 224 miles. Other strange anomolies appear.

Perhaps incompetence by member offering work, perhaps not.

Currently given up posting work on this site, good quality work at that.

My view is that members are losing out, apologies for this. I do not have time to waste, so I place it elsewhwere.

When in the future, I again attempt to have work covered on here and it proves successful, I will use the site for it's main purpose. Until then I continue to use it as recruitment tool.

Kind regards

Website Admin


Thanks for the feedback guys, always useful.

Tony, I have picked up on this one in the last few days. Seems to normally happen when the work is abroad.

Will keep working away on it!

I only have national work.

Preston Courier Co Ltd


It's not just on international, any job you book in advance, the delivery date defaults to the current date rather than updating, needs an onchange event adding (imho).

Website Admin


Tony, please link me to the booking you mention.

I found a peculiarity on the booking page that might give a wrong mileage when the country is selected after the postcode is entered - and I have fixed that now.

Damian, your equally important issue is a different one.

Website Admin


The ability to enter delivery times before pickup times (and vice-versa) has now been prevented on the current version of the booking page.

I know this has been mentioned a few times, hope it now works for everyone to their satisfaction.

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