Quiet times

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Is everybody out ther quiet or just me

Nottingham & Derby Couriers


No it isn't just you it is a little quiet this week,

Barnsley Shipping


Its very quiet and I dont think this forum is working properly



Quiet quiet quiet...nothing like peaceful!

Barnsley Shipping


I think its working Ok now !!

In all honesty I can not for the life of me understand why October is this quiet . Im not that bothered because everybody else is saying the same !!

Fastback Parcel Solutions


no Mr B i dont think its working properly, i am sat at home monitoring the news feeds and it keeps giving me new notifications that you are posting in the forum when u have only posted once on this topic.

Fastback Parcel Solutions


sorry make that twice

ZENITH Courier Services


I'm finding it impossible to get the few jobs that are going, cos someone always gets to them first! I've replied to three jobs in the last couple of days (on mtvan and CX) within 6 minutes of them going online, and I've been too late every time!

There must be armies of redundant drivers poised over their PCs ready to pounce at a moment's notice...

Fastback Parcel Solutions


same for me.....i couldnt even win a local job the other day but that may be my price lol

Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd


jobs are being sold very quickly it's true....sometimes within 30 seconds, and yes it's undoubtedly due to there being more sitting waiting and therefore more looking than is normally the case

Springer Express Couriers


yep it's a bit of a worry getting through my 'to do' list very quickly! just finished a front diff/drive shaft conversion on a grand vitara at it was leaking, my mate in sunnier climes at the moment so I said I would do it while he's away, but as for courier work quiet as a sparrow fart!! long weekend me thinks?

well if it's now techically friday must be pub time?

Fastback Parcel Solutions


right in front of u springer...what u want

Metson Express Couriers


not rubbing any ones face in it but im flat out at the mo :-)

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