has august been a quiet month?

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had just one job on the 4th so far

HSP Couriers LTD


not here its not ! 9xlwb's and a 7.5t on a saturday morning.

Generally in the industry august is a quiet month though, things start to pick up for most around the 2nd week of september.

Depends on who your customers are etc

PW Courier Services


School holidays don't help

Ecosse Logistics (Lanark)


Ive been all right, just started back, but got intouch with some of my previous customers and have been back out on the road solid for the last 3 weeks, not counting my chickens before the hatch though.

Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd


Has august been a quiet Month?....no...not till now....i'm quite relieved of the lull tbh

Barnsley Shipping


Hello Mr Speed its been quite up here I welcomed this it was a chance to watch the Oylimpics but now Im thinking that I must find something to do . !!!

I have been for the last 3 years considering my retirement options but we dont think Im going to make a good pensioner so I have dedided to go on for another 10 years

It wont matter if things go quite as I would only be part time anyway !!!!

Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd


Hmmmm....semi retired...got a nice ring to it...i shall now call myself semi retired....feels better already

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