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Nottingham & Derby Couriers

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Seems a little quieter this week.

We have been fairly busy but after speaking to a few other companies and drivers they seem even quieter.

What about the rest of you chaps an chapesses?

Deadline Despatch


Shockingly we had a really busy august + September but last month was a bit quieter but this month is looking very good



A lot quieter this week, very bitty.



It does seem surprisingly quiet given how September was.



All good here, not breaking any records but all is fine, tuesday was very quiet, but thats been it, all vans already booked out for monday

Swift Couriers Haverhill


September and October really busy, November so far a lot quieter this end.

LwsExpress transport solutions


Been sat on bum at home all week as I meander into semi retirement. Managed to secure £1200 worth of work of Anyvan and shiply for next mon/tue eBay run. That's the way I'm heading now just doing 2 days a week.

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