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Courier Tracking App & Controllers’ Map

If you’re a courier looking for work and contacts, you can now increase your chances of being noticed in the right place at the right time by using one of the mtvan apps (iOS/Apple or Android). You can set your app be tracked while at home and while out working, and your tracking location will [...]


Email API for integration with mtvan

We’ve developed an API that allows really easy integration between your other courier software and mtvan which will save you having to repeatedly book the same jobs onto the different systems you use. You need to let us know that you want to use the email API and you’ll have to supply us with the [...]

Courier Work SMS Alerts Now Free

Update: We have now moved away from using SMS messages entirely and are using other more modern alert methods, such as apps for your smartphone, and job alert emails. From the 23rd of February 2013, we will no longer be charging a fee for SMS alerts. We will now send alerts based on a number [...]


Adverts and Offers

We have been and are continuing to work to source great offers from suppliers that may be of interest. You may see advertisements (often with substantial discounts) around the site. We make sure all ads and offers on mtvan are relevant to our members, are worthwhile, and are from honest, trustworthy businesses. We try to display [...]


How much should I charge?

Look around at a few active courier forums and I’d be surprised if you don’t see this question asked in one form or another. For people new to the courier game how much to charge is a really hot topic. The answer of course is that “it depends”. This means that often you’ll find that [...]

Customer Booking System

As a busy courier company or owner driver, your courier software is vitally important for your business. However it’s one of those things that can be really expensive and time consuming to get just right. Fortunately we’ve been working really hard on your behalf and now offer a customer booking system that can be added [...]

PRO membership on mtvan

We have a really easy to understand membership system. Use of the majority of mtvan is available for absolutely nothing – in fact you can be up and running in 60 seconds for free. If you’re really serious about courier work, you can upgrade your account at any time to a PRO account for as [...]

Courier Forum added to mtvan

Here’s a quick update to inform you of the courier forum that has now been added to mtvan and is available to all members. The forum is located at We’re hoping the forum will be a useful addition to the site and will help build the rapidly expanding mtvan community. If you’re involved in [...]

Overdue Site Update

I’ve just created this section, so here’s an overdue update given as it’s my first! We’ve been working on and have released some really worthwhile upgrades recently. To recap what has been going on… This section of the site is new, so hello from the mtvan blog! This is the first post that I’ve written [...]