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Some time in the Sin Bin

Have you heard of the Sin Bin (aka Penalty Box in America)? The penalty box (sometimes called the sin bin, bad box, or simply bin) is the area in ice hockey, rugby league, rugby union and some other sports where a player sits to serve the time of a given penalty, for an offense not severe enough [...]

Email API for integration with mtvan

We’ve developed an API that allows really easy integration between your other courier software and mtvan which will save you having to repeatedly book the same jobs onto the different systems you use. You need to let us know that you want to use the email API and you’ll have to supply us with the [...]

Courier Forum added to mtvan

Here’s a quick update to inform you of the courier forum that has now been added to mtvan and is available to all members. The forum is located at We’re hoping the forum will be a useful addition to the site and will help build the rapidly expanding mtvan community. If you’re involved in [...]

Overdue Site Update

I’ve just created this section, so here’s an overdue update given as it’s my first! We’ve been working on and have released some really worthwhile upgrades recently. To recap what has been going on… This section of the site is new, so hello from the mtvan blog! This is the first post that I’ve written [...]