Label: Starting Out

How much should I charge?

Look around at a few active courier forums and I’d be surprised if you don’t see this question asked in one form or another. For people new to the courier game how much to charge is a really hot topic. The answer of course is that “it depends”. This means that often you’ll find that [...]

Top 10 tips to get extra courier work

We’ve met and chatted to literally 1000′s of couriers and logistics companies over the years. A popular topic for discussion is how they’re picking up their courier work. So without further ado, here’s 10 great tips that come up time and time again. Maybe you’ll discover a new tactic you can use to help your [...]

Paying for Courier Work Upfront

If you have a quick search around various business help forums, I often see the question “should I pay £XX to this company for courier work?”. Recently I’ve even had someone come to me directly through mtvan asking if I thought one of these sites was a good idea. The short and certain answer is [...]

Courier Bible Scams

If you’re about to part with cash for something claiming to be able to make you a shed load of money working in the courier industry, stop for a second and read this. For years various courier bibles or courier guides claiming to help out new and prospective couriers have been available to buy. Once upon [...]