Paying for Courier Work Upfront

If you have a quick search around various business help forums, I often see the question “should I pay £XX to this company for courier work?”. Recently I’ve even had someone come to me directly through mtvan asking if I thought one of these sites was a good idea. The short and certain answer is no!

You should never ever pay a courier company to get courier work from them. For an example of this type of scam, check out If you were to be lured deep enough into their site you’d find that they’re looking for £49 from you before they even consider giving you any work. I’m fairly certain that once you had paid your money you’d find that the whole thing is a con. Oh and they claim you can make £350 per day – sounds an awful lot of money to make without putting anything in other than £49, especially as they say you don’t need to do any of the hard sales legwork. As I mentioned previously in another courier scam post, watch out for offers that make claims that seem too good to be true – they always are.

  1. I was offered a placing with Local Courier Services for an up front fee of £75. Checked their address it doesn’t exist, I phoned them, no answer.

    I contacted several of the couriers listed on their site they all said that they paid £75 upfront but never got any work!

  2. Clifford Goligher

    Fell 4 that scam local courier services is a load of rubbish. Need genuine help, am looking for courier work in Northern Ireland. Where do i start to get in touch with genuine companies. Can u help me, tell me what to do?

    • Hi Clifford,

      Sorry to hear you were a victim of that courier scam. Although mtvan members tend to be from England/Scotland/Wales, we do have a few member in Ireland and other parts of the EU. I’d recommend you join mtvan and get in touch with people near you. I’ve also written a post about getting courier work, why not take a look…

      Best Wishes

  3. Nick

    Glad I looked around about the company first. They’re not getting my £70 now, thanks.

    • Andrew Robertson

      Looks like the same company that I have just put a warning on about.

  4. Andrew Robertson

    Brilliant web site comes up all in blue, offer you work fill in application form tells you they have plenty of work in your area then asks for £70 fee to help keep them on front page of google but I then posed as a customer tried several different postcodes lo and behold came up that no couriers in that area stating that recruitment drive to rectify the situation! A very clever scam, by the way no telephone number appears for them on the site. The address is probably a drop off point.

  5. Desy Mullan

    Yeah, you either need to be stupid or desperate to fall for this scam. Unfortunately a lot of people out there are both!

  6. Elaine

    I applied for a local delivery job for these guys to email me back to ask for 60 pounds upfront! Who do they think I am? I’m looking for work and im skint. These people should be stopped. Not right.

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