Courier Bible Scams

If you’re about to part with cash for something claiming to be able to make you a shed load of money working in the courier industry, stop for a second and read this.

For years various courier bibles or courier guides claiming to help out new and prospective couriers have been available to buy. Once upon a time many were a genuine and fairly priced introduction to becoming a courier. However with the further expansion of the internet and the sharing of information becoming much more free and easy, most if not all of what you need to know is available for free online.

It’s a regular occurrence for me to hear 1st hand from someone who has fallen foul of a ‘scam guide‘. Also predictably, as the recession has taken hold there seem to be more sham websites than ever claiming to be able to make you a fortune – so watch out!

A quick google returns various results of this ilk: “Become a CourierEarn Up to £1k per week”, “Courier Jobs | Earn £980+ P/W From Freelance Courier Jobs!”, and even “Earn £1,500/week by driving”. These are clearly at best hugely optimistic and most likely a load of rubbish hoping to cash in on hopeful individuals thinking (praying) they’ve hit the jackpot.

The main thing to remember as always is, if it seems too good to be true it probably is. I’d suggest you don’t pay £100′s on courier bibles or any other cookie cutter website claiming you can make £1000′s of pounds per week.

There are loads of free resources available. Why not check out which hosts a wealth of free information, pose a question on Yahoo Answers, join one of the many free courier forums, or even ask our friendly members here on

  1. Brian Wither

    Has anybody heard about – they come up first on google but not on other search engines. To join them you pay an upfront fee of £75.

    • Hi Brian,

      Although I don’t know the site well (it seems to be down at the moment of writing), I’d be extremely wary of such offers. As you say they normally want the cash upfront with promises of lots of lucrative work. Once you’ve parted with your cash you’ll probably find the work non-existant though. Read my post about paying for work upfront…

      Best Wishes

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