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It seems pointless populating the 'News Feed' with journeys that are being made. Guess it just proves how busy folk are, [as if many care] but little use for anything else.

I can see the benefit of someone posting empty or waiting at a location for possible work, or any available work, but TBH does anyone really care where umpteen vans are going?

Fastback Parcel Solutions


see my original post called spam rlt

Nottingham & Derby Couriers


I hope royal mail don't join if they listed all the items they are delivering (sorry misplacing).

Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd



Manadon Despatch


I'll have you know that nothing I deliver for Royal Mail ever gets misplaced ... ever... you cheeky monkey

Nottingham & Derby Couriers


I Sent a Transit injector in June via royal mail recorded, It failed to arrive and their compensation procedure states that they settle all claims within 30 Days..... Guess What...............I am still waiting, I called them and they said they are still looking into it.

Thyeson Light Haulage Ltd


If someone 'runs their invoicing on MTVAN', (Why does this need to be reported as news?) the time is always 1+ hrs in the future for some reason, so all subsequent feed appears behind this. A job for Mr Admin.

Scott Reid


I started a post on this subject not one week ago.

The news feed is essentially "the most up to date information available on this website". As such the only thing that should appear on it is "the most important and relevant information".

Which basically boils down to being work postings which need to be covered.

Anything else can be gleaned from other areas of the website, and the Courier Work page is irrelevant.


Scott Reid


If you search for my post entitled "What should appear on the news feed" via the courier forum and add your comments there, then we should be able to maintain a more serialized thread.

Website Admin


Agree with you Peter, please see the original discussion.

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