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My name is Peter Hills, M. D. Of Atlas Courier Express UK Ltd.

We have a customer & supplier called Rob Davies (RDS Transport) who is having a bad time (wife seven months pregnant, having falls & in intensive care last time we spoke to him) He owes us money which is unlike him, & I am hearing that this is the case elsewhere, which is where I would like to help. Legally we gave work to RDS, who then farmed it out amongst his contacts & on exchange sites such as this one, Courier Exchange etc. Whilst we have no legal liability, we would like to apply the following to any work RDS has not already been paid for by us, but only for jobs relating to Atlas Courier. Having spoken to all concerned, everyone is happy for subbies to credit RDS for any ATLAS COURIER EXPRESS jobs & re invoice to Atlas WITH POD & any booking emails etc. for quick payment. We are doing this both to help out Rob & his suppliers, but also because we need POD's to invoice our customers. I have tried going through certain exchanges but they seem reluctant to assist,which I found surprising, so please pass this on to any concerned! Email info@atlas-courier-express. Co. uk

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