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Millions of working turkeys voted for their very own Christmas, yet again, tribally just like they have done all their lives, unable to see outside their own box, unable to think for themselves, and, amazingly to their great shock, yet again, they get slaughtered every single time without fail.

UKIP arn't to blame for the country being swamped in people, with all the problems that entails, nor for the state of the nation, the three cheeks of the same arse party have led what was once fully independent trading islands into the toilet, they didn't do it alone, millions of turkeys gave them their blessing every five years to do their worse.

Lunacy reigns here, people keep electing the same traitors, and expect them to behave differently to all the times they voted for them before.

Get out there next year and do as your told, you know it makes sense, trust me and my cast iron guarantee, look how well the economy is doing and all my newspaper editor chums and their paid lackeys endorse me and the other two cheeks, my chancellor sports his Y Fronts outside his tights, we're all in this together you know.

Anyone looked at the national debt figures recently, still rising, heads in sand lads.

We as a country couldn't possibly go it alone, me and my mates who have never done a days proper work in our lives know this, we learned the hard way at the Bullingdon club you know, being forced to swig all that Krug was diabolical torture, far worse than fagging at Eton.

Don't listen to that swivel eyed loon Farage, that cad actually worked for a living, he could almost be working class and that will never do, there's only one left in parliament now who's real working class, the honourable Dennis Skinner, and when he's gone there won't be any more because they don't turn the hymnsheet page when we tell them to, only drones from now on.



There is a subliminal message in there somewhere

Rapid Movements Europe Ltd

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Nope just a rant!

Fastback Parcel Solutions


Feeling better no Rapid...`tis all true tho.

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