How to get jobs and how i get paid? Help me please

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Difficult to offer any comments to be honest. The only information I can find is that you are an owner driver from Hatfield. You do not point us to your website or give any clues as to whether you have relevent insurances or indeed what type of vehicle you are offering services with! If as it appears you are a new starter, surerly you should have researched your potential clients and if indeed there will be any or enough work to support you, I can't even begin to answer "How do I get Paid" because if you are unaware of the process of invoicing etc, you need to get some business advice quickly. Maybe your local Business Link would be a good place to start, but also read the advice on different forums like Shed5 or COD etc Good luck, you will need plenty :)



If you don't know how to get jobs and how you get paid, how come you've posted an ad recruiting courier owner drivers on Gumtree claiming to offer "the flexibility of being your own boss, with the support of a large established company"? Ltd


Hi Shahzad

As I said on the phone, the most important thing on mtvan is to have a complete Profile, so people using the directory to find someone in your area can see who you are and what you do.

Start here and work across the links at the top. You need at least a picture or logo, a description of your business (including your experience, what you are looking for on mtvan, and why someone should use you), some insurance details, and a list of vehicles you can provide.

The next thing to do is to contact other members, and ask whether there is anything they need to see before you can be considered for their work.

Post on the forum if you something interesting to say, or a question to ask.

If you want to pay to upgrade, you can make offers on the phone or online or via the iphone app.

You get paid by invoicing your customer (you can use the invoicing features on mtvan, and emailing a copy of the POD. Make sure you ask if your customer has any particular requirements for paperwork, and when he/she is likely to pay you.

Post any work - even as a free member - you can't cover yourself for others to make offers on.

Hope this helps everyone.


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