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Presently there is a heightened issue of a virus being targeted at businesses who advertise online. As a rough outline emails are sourced and contacted with roughly the following ,

The email will list a name such as Alexis dillion or Mable becker. It will not show its from a business and will only list as a name which tend to be Americanized

The tag line will read remittance advice for 188.29 GBP , this amount can be any amount and there will be an attachment added , DO NOT CLICK THIS

Once opened up the email will read along the following lines

``Please find attached a remittance advice for recent BACS payment.

Any queries please contact us.

Alexis Dillon Senior Accounts Payable Specialist K J Watking & Co Tel: 01469 696020``

The company named has nothing to do with this and has been used as its a legitimate business online. You will of course then wonder what the hells this all about and be tempted to click the attachment. DO NOT

This attachment is the virus, it is a xls. File which will be used to snatch all your passwords and emulated your online activity, basically financially rape you.

I have a had a few of these sent to me recently so thought id forewarn everyone just in case the bots have sourced my email and therefore others from this site .

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