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A few months ago I got a call asking if i wanter to advertise in a local magazine which would be sent to schools, hospitals amd the emergency services. I said i'd think about it.

Today i got a call from a private number saying i owed them £95 for the advertising i had agreed to.

I think he said he was from P---- Media or something. Sounded like he was ringing from his hallway dather than an office.

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I have a company chasing us for a similar scam, An ad actually appeared in a publication(or a copy of a publication they sent me as proof). I didn't book or ask for anything of the sort, I even called another couple of companies in the booklet and they had not booked anything either. I received a letter from their so called solicitor threatening court action if i didn't pay, I responded with counter costs and i haven't heard from them since.

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That one was going about ten years ago, If people start waffling these days, i`m blunt with them, I ask if they require a courier, if they say no, I then say to them if they want to sell me something I will take there calls between 9am -10am on a Sunday morning, none of them phone back.

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I'm even more blunt than that. I just tell 'em to eff off.

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I get one of these every month. Just goes straight in the trash bin! but some gullible young secretary working for a large company may just pay up.


There are some outstanding debt your company needs to pay us the International Air Transport Association (IATA),CASS Kindly check your record/file and get back to us as soon as possible for our banking details for payment.Failure to read from your company for action may lead sanctions Taken.

Your Quick response will be highly appreciated to have this resolved immediately.

Thanks for your usual Co-operation

Diane Rinehart IATA Finance Disbursement Manager(IFDM)

International Air Transport Association 800, Place Victoria, P.O. Box 113 Montréal, Québec, Canada H4Z 1M1

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Any calls from the annual police publication, fireman publication are all bollox, usually with a bootle accent (no offence intended just an observation) as are calls from Orange , O2 and the like cos they don't do sales calls.

Any invoices you receive from anything you don't know about chuck in the bin.

The call may go something like this

"Many thanks for your support last year, where we raised ££££ for XXX, can we put you down for a similar amount this year"

If they spent as much time actually doing something legit as they do scamming they'd probably make just as good a living as they do conning the unsuspecting......just makes it harder for the real charities out there cos it just makes us all cynical and non trusting

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Rob you have just reminded me, a few years ago the bootle accent man rang me, after about 5 minutes, of me saying no, I said this sounds dodgy, he said kiss my d**k and put the phone down, charming

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