NEW SCAM For buying vehicle on auto trader?

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"How does this work if they do not collect until funds are cleared? Bankers Draft equivalent to cash ? Forums thoughts please.

Thanks for your quick response and am also excited to hear from you the vehicle is still available for sale and thanks for the details you just gave about the vehicle and am quite delighted to hear from you that the vehicle is still in great conditions.Since all the details you put on the advert are updated and real,i think there is nothing to worry about and also i want you to know that i won't be able to come for the inspection of the vehicle as am a very busy man here in Switzerland. I will make you an offer of £4700 which I think is fair enough for the vehicle because i know the worth of the vehicle and more so what you’ ve stated about the vehicle details in the advert page and the maintenance of the vehicle you’ve spent so far since you bought it

I will take care of the shipment I had already consult a private shipping company who’s going to handle it professionally for me both the shipping cost and other necessary activities concerning the shipment of the vehicle.My preferred method of payment is by bankers draft or Cheque in a (GBP) that’s the 2 options and safest way for me to transfer CASH which am going to instruct my business associate to post you a bankers draft via post office.

Also an excess amount will be on the cheque which you will send to the shipper to use for the shipping arrangement when the money is fully cleared in your account.

I want to you to know that i will only take the possession of the vehicle once the bankers draft has cleared in your account within 3 to 5 working days so you have nothing to worry about. Hopefully to hear back from you today in order to proceed further with the payment and shipping arrangements as soon as possible. Bankers draft only required your FULL NAME, POSTAL ADDRESS and MOBILE PHONE NUMBERS,i did not request for your bank details. Once you receive the draft you are to deposit it into your bank account and once it has cleared in your account we can finalize the deal as soon as possible. I will be waiting to read from you soon if you are fully satisfied with this arrangement so that i can send the payment out to you in order to wrap everything up in a timely fashion. I look forward to hear back from you today.



It clears, they take the car, then the bank spots the forgery and takes the money back out of your account.

moray couriers


You beat me to it MVC, had the same offer for when I was selling an M3, (it was going to be a surprise present for this persons son following the completion of his university studies) Wot a crock o' shite!

Manadon Despatch


This is not a new scam. It's been going on for years and has been frequently brought to the attention of the public through the media. It still goes on because there's a new one born every minute.



What would happen if you played them at their own game and used an account with no other funds in it and no o/d facility and as soon as you received the funds then cleared the account before they could re-call? Just wondering....

Manadon Despatch


It's often a couple of weeks between the non-existent money clearing into an account and the bank then realising that the bank draft is a forgery. If, in that period, you withdrew that money then the bank would come looking for it ... from you not them

moray couriers


You are hereby charged with the offence of intent to defraud... How do you please? Guilty or just plain gullible!

moray couriers


Damn predictive text, should have read PLEAD not PLEASE



Not good

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