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does anybody know where i can get a legit (cough cough) copy of microsoft auto route from with out paying the over the odds for it the latest version.????

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eBay? You want it for mileages?

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not worth it....just use google maps

point2point uk couriers ltd

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Yep Richard & rob I've used google maps but apparently auto route supposed to be much better from what I've heard from with in the grapevine the mileage & routes are supposed to be more accurate & better routes. 

Hi there,

We all have our preferences.  Sometimes different views can all be right.

We always use google maps.  Often provides three routes from same point to point.  This helps when negotiating a price with subbies.

I always quote from google maps.  Subbies are required to use google maps.  That way there is never any need for discussion or any basis for possible dispute.  Don't about european work, we are specialist U.K. sameday.

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Missed a      know........about european............


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One word of warning about using Autoroute. The indicated road times between A and B are far from accurate.

For example, Plymouth - Crewe on Autoroute suggests 3hrs. 42 mins., which is a complete load of bollocks. Google Maps indicates the same run as taking  4hrs. 20mins. and AA route planner
shows 4hrs. 25mins. These latter two are a far more accurate reflection on the reality.

point2point uk couriers ltd

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I currently use google maps only down side is london congestion charging zones google maps does not tell you if your drop is in a charging zone although it gives you a option of toll roads.

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