WARNING : AET transport trading under different name

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Mr G Courier Service

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Looks like russel taylor aka david causebrook is back and up to his old tricks



Under what nam Mr G

Mr G Courier Service

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Sorry but some people deserve all they get, just try and google iwd-rapid-dispatch

Theres nothing there apart from empty van

mtvan.com Ltd


A reminder of our Safe Trading Guidelines:

Guidelines for use when accepting courier work as a courier

Be sure you know exactly who you are trading with. Before you take the job you need to know who you need to claim against in court in the event of dispute later. The exact spelling of the company name, or the name of the partner of the firm if it’s not limited, and the address and landline number. Make reasonable checks, as described above, such as googling the company name, calling the landline back, and checking the premises on Google Streetview. Make sure you get a suitable confirmation of the job and the price before you do the job. You may need to rely on it later in court.

Agree payment terms, invoicing format and POD format before taking the job.

Be sure you can get back to them in the event of dispute later.

Only give as much credit as you can afford to lose. This may mean turning down work, or insisting on payment upfront before further work is undertaken. Don’t be caught up in the excitement of a big new customer to a point where you put more money at risk than is sensible.

Only leave feedback once you have been paid.

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