The growing number of Exchange sites

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How many have we got now?

More than a dozen, but how many work?

Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon and starting their own exchange site, or rather trying to.

The first thing you have to do is suss out what type of work you want to be known for. Too many try and cover all bases, and all that does is confuse the potential user.

There are a handful of good exchange sites, with quality work. Many try, and most fail. Chicken and egg afterall. Without the work you won't attract members, without members you won't attract the work, but it doesn't seem to be stopping some from trying.

The majority are for trade only, but its ony a matter of time before someone opens it up to the masses, and when that happens we may as well all shut up shop. You think rates are bad now? Wait until that happens and then talk about low rates.

Cut out the middlemen, the one's who check their drivers have the correct insurance, the one's who care about the service level they offer, and you open u

Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd

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... and you open up pandoras box

3D Courier Services


Yep!! this email arrived today.

As Requested, AnyVan PRO is a new product we are launching, which is our B2B Transportation Exchange website.

This is for the trade, and only had trade members operation on the website, whereas works as a reverse bidding site, we list jobs, routes, our company directory and App tracking with notifications.

Since having launched, we have reduced our clients overheads, by using the transportation exchange we have created with AnyVan PRO and minimising the operating costs and time wasted on transport providers having empty loads, using longer routes, and spending time searching through alternate companies to sub contract work.

For members that sign up now, we are offering a free service for the first two years, and will assess pricing strategy over the forthcoming years, if we do decide to charge for the exchange model we have set up.

Rest assured that should you if you sign up now, should we charge in future the discount you receive will be substantial, and significantly lower than our competitors.

Preston Courier Co Ltd


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Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd

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At least with AnyvanPro it is a trade site AND does insist on both GIT and H&R be provided before you can join. What type of work it attracts remains to be seen

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