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Swift Same Day Couriers

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Hi All

Just a quick intro to Swift Same Day.

Part of Swift Personnel Ltd, a recruitment company that specialises in the supply of multi class drivers in and around the Midlands.

Swift Same Day is owned and run by directors and managers that are all LGV trained and have a wealth of expertise within the transport and logistics industry.

We currently run our own long wheelbase sprinters and have a number of owner drivers already working for us. Due to current work levels, we are currently looking for owner drivers with all sizes of vehicle, in and around the West Midlands and Lichfield area that we can network with to increase our coverage.

Drop us an email, or feel free to pop by for a chat if you're ever in the Walsall area.

Will Fryer

Garnham Courier Services


Thanks for the info Will, I must have passed close by to your office last night, I was on my way back from Rugley around 11.00pm. A bit late to ring people for back loads, but I will give you a call next time I'm in the area.

All the best Adrian.

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