East Midlands Plain Stingy.

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Does any one find the east midlands a bunch of tight wads ? especially leicester.
Seems diifficult to get business here , as companys don't appreciate what a courier is and the qualitys of one pair of hands ,and one van delivering there goods, exclusively .This in turn leads to a depressed value in the subby market too.
Or is it the leicester character ? a city only one crisp pack short of apathy central.
On mtvan, stuff gets delivered to here- occasionally .but rarely seems to leave.
In short, shall i seek work in other citys, one where good manners and a smile is not a public order offence.
How far do you draw a circle as your local patch ?

Nottingham & Derby Couriers


It's the leicester character.

We don't do too much to or from there it's like they are in their own time warp world.

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