Express Courier Network t/a West Kingsdown Couriers

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Express Courier Network t/a West Kingsdown Couriers

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Hi everyone,

Joined years ago.

Recently upgraded my free membership.

Since then I have posted 12 jobs in the last two weeks, only ever received one bid, very strange.

Either nobody likes me, which is fair enough, or there is something seriously wrong with this website.

If you have made bids for my work, can you please let me know.

If you are interested in some work, please call me 07809601227.

Finally apologies, despite many attempts I have still not been able to update my company profile.

Tim Gilbert is aware of this.

I pays B.A.C.S. within 7 days of receipt of hard copy P.O.D.

Kind regareds

Tony Pennery

Van Rouge Express


Tony, I'll put a bid on the next suitable job that comes up, and text you as well.


Springer Express Couriers


It's an odd thing about this work, you need the first job to get the ball rolling to cover other jobs
in other areas but it would seem that UK PLC has come to a crashing halt!
I think there maybe a light at the end of the tunnel but I fear it maybe a train!! Ltd


Hi Tony

Are you on IE6?


AnS Trans



If anyone is in a need of XLWB give me a ring please 07830890908 Greg. I am really struggling to get work recently so available for most of the time. I live in Gloucester GL3.
Many Thanks

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