courier work wanted in south west

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Eddie Martin- Newman

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Ihave never done courier work before, and dont have a clue how to quote competitively.  I have a Fiat Ducato long wheel base van, standing idle, it really needs to be earning money, its fully insured for hire or reward, how do i go about it? i dont have a lot of spare money to lay out, need to earn some first. HELP.

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Hi Eddie!
If you've got a newish van you can enquire about self employed drivers at Royal Mail and City Link, see the forum . Explore other threads like fuel cards , Fuelgenie will give you fuel for the month, invoice end of the month, and you then pay it 2 weeks later.

I have no other idea about the south west, looks too quiet for sameday drivers.

Wish you all the best!

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You need to ring around your local courier companies, better still pop in and have a chat.

You need to at least get some biz cards (vistaprint are cheap) and some flyers, work out your mileage rate and get out there making a note of what businesses you have posted your flyers to, then follow up with a phone call.
It can take up to 7 hits to get someone to sign up with you, sometimes more, and most of all you need a thick skin.
Exchange sites can help even if its only by using their forums for advice
It's not easy out there but there is work if you look for it and are prepared to be flexible

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There are at least 20 courier companies in the Plymouth area alone so for some to say no sameday work in the south west???!!!

Some people don't know wot they're talkin about but you'll discover that yourself i'm sure.
Seriously though, there is an awful lot of free advice out there

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