Shell V-Power (Diesel or Petrol) 10p off a litre with coupon

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Shell V-Power (Diesel or Petrol) 10p off a litre, minimum fill £40

Taken off the titernet.... It seems these coupons/vouchers may be at the side of the till at some garages... Check befor you fill up

Went to fill up petrol at Shell Gillette Corner, they have a free attendant service. I was going to put in £50 of unleaded and he said that he could give me a voucher for 10p off a litre, but it had to be V-Power...which worked out 1p cheaper a litre than unleaded. Was told that this should be avilable at any station with attenedant service. Offer ends 2nd June 2013.

To find out if you have attendant service check link text

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shell visit the corner from work has attended service. Great information.. Can refer this:



You on commission or sommit?

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I've asked him for 7 numbers between 1 and 49 and no answer at all

I'm disappointed I can tell you!

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