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Hi all just wanted to introduce myself on here, my names Gav, looking to be fully set up in the next month or so, will have either a sprinter or relay lwb. All relevant insurances GIT and Public Liability, have a customer lined up that i can comfortably start up with on the side (im a sparky to trade) so will take it from there.

Anyone else on here in the Tayside/Fife area??
Any advice from you guys would be much appreciated, or if i can help anyone out with anything give me a shout. 

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JHM Courier Services (Ayrshire)


Hi Gavin, how you doing?

I'm John, and i am trying to set up a courier business in Ayrshire. I intend to start off with my car first then maybe progress to getting a van once i get established and see money coming in.

therefore, I am looking for smaller parcels to transport.

There dont appear to be many Scottish Companies on here, so thought it would be nice to say hello, and if there is anything we can network with in the future, I'm sure we can come up with something.

Good Luck,


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