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JHM Courier Services (Ayrshire)

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Hello to you all!

My name is John Mair and I am intending to start my Freelance Same Day Sub Contract Driver. at the end of May 2012

Any tips or advice would be greatly received and appreciated with respects of obtaining jobs and pricing/quoting strategies.

I intend starting my business with my 2004 Volvo S40 1.9 Diesel to which should be reliable enough and also I have been led to believe should be able to carry the goods to which i have in mind ( parcels, electronic parts and the like).

So, a warm "hello" to you all and i hope to build up a rapport with some likeminded "subbies" in the weeks and months ahead.





JHM Courier Services (Ayrshire)

Original Poster

I am intersted in getting work day to day in the Scottish Central Belt, but am also Interested in going further afield at least 4 times a month should the financial reward be worth the trip. I am happy to drive anywhere.

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