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D I S C Couriers

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This site welcomes people from N Ireland but there is no work on this site in N Ireland.

Why do they let N I couriers join if this is the case.I joined other similar sites and they are the same.

Also the "courier work" section is not up to date.They advertise this great"free"site and when you come on you soon realise you do have to pay for any available work.I certainly wouldn't pay any money when there is no work where i am.

Is there any contacts out there,or am I on the moon?

Website Admin


Hi Vincent,

If we didn't let people join how would we ever have anything going on in Northern Ireland? It's a chicken and egg thing, some people are always going to have to be the first.

The work is not out of date, work is still listed when vendors have not closed their bookings.


D I S C Couriers

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Thanks for your view,but these sites have been going for quite a while now and there still is no work coming from them in N Ireland.I was on Uship for at least six months and not one job in N Ireland.Not even a contact or lead for me to follow up.

Manadon Despatch


You sound as if you expected to join an exchange or two and be provided with all the business contacts and leads you'll ever need. Sorry mate ... it just don't work like that. Presumably you did some local market research before you actually started up to see what work potential there was in your area ... didn't you. Y'know the sort of thing; introduce yourself to companies and courier firms in the local area that might be able to use you and leave them your business card.

If you did it should have suggested whether the work was there or not.

And if you didn't .... you should have.

D I S C Couriers

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Yes i did all that, and i did join these websites to find work,inst that what they are there for?

"Am i missing something"

c&c express couriers


chicken and egg as you all say.

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