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RGM Courier Services

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Hi, can anyone recommend a courier insurance company who can give me a reasonable quote??? thanks

PW Courier Services


try insure courier i been with them for two years now you get free window excess as well

RGM Courier Services

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Thanks, I'll try them. I'm with AXA and though they have £250 screen excess if you try to claim more than that, which I did, they said I'd lose 2 years no claims bonus!!
Thanks again

Torbay Logistics


A few guys recommend Cornish Insurance, not sure of their number, but can get it if needed.

RGM Courier Services

Original Poster

Thanks, I will try them. I tried Insure Courier and they didn't even reply, so they're off the list!!

RT Courier Sevices


I'm with One Business Insurance, they will lump everything into one payment policy, i.e. van, G.I.T and Public Liability.

Although saying that, I've had to email them today as I've had my van insurance certificate come through, but not the one for my G.I.T or my Public Liability one. And seeing as I need them it's a bit awkward. I've got the loan agreement through for the G.I.T but I'm being requested for the certificate.

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