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Hi All,
Would be good hear from anybody about the best way to cut the costs of Courier Insurance rates, I have been quoted £1300 for the year, with 3 months up front which is a bit steep for a one man band...all ideas welcome

Chris Shaw


Thats not a bad price, which company was that with if you don't mind me asking? most companies quote 2k plus!

M.Fisher Transport Services ltd


Hi, I am currently insured with Autonet. I found them cheapest at time. £1250 with goods in transit of £20,000 all in.



Try a company called bollingtons they did me a package for courier, Goods in transit and public liability insurance...   

Chris Shaw


I was with Autonet 18 months ago, it cost me £720 for the year for my courier insurance, the best quote they could give me 2 weeks ago was £3250, I told them they were having a laugh, they said that was the best they could do as Courier Insurance had gone through the roof, the best quote I have had was with XYZ for £2k, which is still horrendous, that's with no accidents, and 7 years no claims! 

Springer Express Couriers


I went to £600 for a 56 plate berlingo, either they are cheap or I'm just getting old!!!!

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