how do you get paid?

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do you get paid cash or through bank or cheque. whats the payment frequency?

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That would depend on who you do work for. Everyone has different terms etc.

You need to have your own terms etc in place as to what you need and when you need it but most companies work on 30 days nowadays and some more than that.

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I pay B.A.C.S. within 7 days of receiving hard copy P.O.D.

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Hi most people pay around  30days some take a little longer  (3months for a company on here near me!) and we are till waiting for that!

But what happens if Like us we have gone paper free so there is no hard copy,

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That is a very difficult one for me.  Many of my customers will not pay me without a hard copy P.O.D.  All the drivers I use know that I will not pay, without a hard copy P.O.D.

No P.O.D. no pay.  However I am one of only a few that are happy to pay by B.A.C.S. within 7 days of receipt of P.O.D.

Others may vary.

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Tony, you may be a little unusual in paying so quickly, though I'm not complaining (thank you)! BACS is simple and efficient.

Everyone utilises their own preferred system of invoicing, and mine is to email pdf invoices together with scanned PODs. Not everyone, of course, can proceed without hard copies, and when unavoidable I'll supply these instead.


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30 days is standard, anyone needing payment b4 that i would suggest won't get much joy on any exchange site....this industry is all about cashflow, both for the courier AND the courier company....the end user is used to 30day (which generally means 90 day!!!!) so i don't see why a courier should expect any quicker.

Very very few companies expect the hard copy pod with their invoice..ours get an automated emailed pod once the goods are delivered and thats all they know its been delivered...when and who by...simples innit

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You hit the nail on the head Speed Couriers, this sort of information people pay for on other sites lol

But very true be prepared to wait at least 30 days for payment, always try to have working cash available to keep you going (working capital). If you have to wait for payment before you are able to take on any other work you will go bust before long.

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