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Can anyone please tell me how i make a bid and how soon after i get paid from that periticular job. It is my first time bidding so i want to no what to expext and how it is done.

Thanks in advance


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Depends on the vendor (the person or company selling the job)

30 days is the norm, anyone wanting longer is one to avoid

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Not necessarily. Net monthly is widespread and, depending on the company, sometimes safer than firms that claim to pay on 30 days but then don't. I know which sort I prefer to work for.

It just depends on whether you've got sufficient cash reserves to be able to afford to wait up to two months for payment.



If you have set the price then expect payment at the end of the month following the month of invoicing by you, but if you work regularly for a courier company at the rates offered by that company then you should be payed by the end of the second week following invoicing by you.

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In reality there is no guarantee you get paid at all, ( please see other threads on here)
so the best thing to do is to do your research and avoid the con men.
The norm is 30 days which normally means somewhere between 30-45 days but again look for a good feedback.
 the only other bit of advice is avoid Gumtree adverts!!!
best of luck.

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