How do you block members?

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I am fed up with getting text alerts for same day retail, I have set my alerts so that i don't get alerts for same day retail but they still keep arriving, how can i block work offered from that member, sent admin a message but had no reply

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I personally dont get them as Im not pro and quite happy where I am.. But have noticed recently there are quite a few sheffield ones popping up now and all argos runs to wherever and only a couple of miles, but seems theirs no takers off here..

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PW Courier Services said:

I have set my alerts so that i don't get alerts for same day retail but they still keep arriving...

Thanks for the heads up. The best thing you can do is let us know and we'll resolve any glitch that resulted in you receiving the unwanted text.

Please give me details about the job that you received the alert for. The collection, delivery and date/time should be enough. Also I'm assuming you received the alert by sms or email?

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Just to add... I've only just logged in and seen your message from today. There isn't currently a filter by member but we are intending to add one.

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