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I'm based in Romford.

Recently gone independent from one of those large nationals slowly swallowing up the business... they originally swallowed up the business I worked with.

Available 24/7 - although don't be surprised if I use the excuse of driving the lovely empty night time streets as an excuse to charge a little extra ;)

Please consider London weighting when asking me to go into the city.

I can be tracked (disclaimer: service is mostly functional but still in development on my site*).

I tend to get work locally going out but am slow getting work elsewhere; Really looking to build up my contacts. I don't necessarily need a job that takes me home. I have a great dislike for the "back load" culture feeling that paying only for my fuel is like saying my time is not worth anything.

I can receive details over the phone, sms, by email, and yes.. for those who can't be bothered to type it out I have people send me a photo of the order in whatsapp... or whatever is available (not fax!).

If you require PODs on specific paperwork; if they are emailed to me I can usually print them out at home.

I can accept a number of payment options, mostly via paypal or BACS

Insurance, GIT, PL certificates all available on request.

Hope that covers everything

Please feel free to ask any questions... especially if they start "are you free to do a wait and return to [insert somewhere exotic]?"

*offline as I type as I just upgraded the software and it's not connected.

mtvan.com Ltd


Hi Andrew

Welcome to mtvan.


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