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What are the advantages of using Harbour Shipping?

Pro's & cons?

And does it save you any money?



I got a call from them a couple of weeks a go. They sent me an email with prices, but there prices where much the same as freighlink. I've not really had any use out of harbour shipping. I always use freightlink myself.



Harbour Shipping can help with Carnets and customs clearance paperwork etc,

As for fares on Tunnel /ferries they have to make their cut, but the volumes they use mean that they are still cheaper than an individual would possibly be offered.

Haven't used them for years as we have good rates ourselves with the tunnel / P&O and Irish Ferries.



Out of curiosity I foned Harbour shipping to see what they charged for the tunnel one way... £120.00 plus vat.. Just £6 cheaper than booking direct on line. Freight link were better at £115 but couldnt beat the £86. I normaly pay. But as RLT correctly points out Harbour shipping have other uses besides fares

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As two people have now mentioned freight link, let me just say that if you use them for an unusual crossing get the price first.

We used them for a while up until 2008, the prices and the service was excellent until we had a job to Jersey, I booked with them never thinking to get the price and got a nasty shock when the bill came £1,235.00

When I queried it with them they were adamant that the price was correct, so I called Condor Ferries who we had travelled with who told me the standard freight charge was around £600. When I called them back with this info they refused to alter the price.

Never used them since.



It's funny this discussion got started yesterday, Harbour Shipping called me today lol

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