Fuel cards as payment for tolls in Europe

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For you guys that pay toll by this means I received this info yesterday, it may be of interest.

Fuel Cards are no longer accepted as payment for Spanish Motorway Tolls
With effect from 1st January 2013 Road tolls in Spain can no longer be paid for by Fuel Cards.

Payment can be made by use of Bi-Modal Tags which we can provide for you, these enable your vehicles to utilise the "Fastlane" toll booths. other benefits include:

Up to 60 Day's Credit Easy to read invoices Improved Cash Flow Savings in time and costs Alternatively you can join the long queues and pay by cash or credit card Soon the French Authorities will do the same, you can be assured that our Bi-Modal Tags also cover the entire French Motorway network, enabling you to have just the one means of payment, saving time and saving costs.

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If you would like more information on the tunnels and toll services that Harbour Shipping provides please contact Alan Boxal on Tel: 01304 200 911, Email: aboxall@harbourshipping.co.uk



And for French tolls you can by in the UK (Harrogate) from SANEF.

Paying tolls at the booth by debit card or credit card usually involves a further dedutions from your bank, each and every time you pay a toll abroad with your card. There is a reduction for blue badge holders. Should you or your passenger have one.

According to their blurb (SANEF UK) plans are being made for use at Dartford and Severn crossings and M6 toll, along with Spainish tolls.

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