08 Transit in limp mode

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S Garner Courier

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Motherwell Courier Services said:

Hay guys need to pick your brains I have a lwb 08plate transit and it keeps losing power and is currently in limp mode. I have changed the egr valve also it has had fuel filter change, and the air in take sensor changed any ideas i am at my wits end.

S Garner Courier

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Do you get the engine management light come on? I don't know if there are any tricks to get the fault codes of one of these, you may end up having to find someone with a plug in to diagnose it.

You could check the wiring and cleanliness of the contacts in the plugs to these sensors, had a similar problem years ago with a car, turned out to be a wire worn through the casing.

PB Express


The best thing to do is take it to a fuel injection specialist and have it diagnosed these common rail transits are very temperamental it could any number of things When you changed the fuel filter did you clean the fuel filter head Could be the injectors if they are leaking off too much then you will have a fuel pressure fault which will cause the engine to go into limp mode Like I say take it to a specialist... I took mine to Colchester fuel injection.. 4 new injectors £740 Took it in at 8 in the morning diagnosed fixed road tested 5 hour turn around. a back street garage Would have had it off the road for a week or more. Another symptom of this problem is the engine hunting at idle.

ZENITH Courier Services


Our old Ford Focus went into limp mode a few years ago when the throttle potentiometre was on the blink. New one was £140 i think. You'll need to have the codes read before you know what the problem is.



I had asimlar problem with a 59 sprinter... The turbo stopped turbo-ing... A shrot trip at the merc doctors.. Right as rain again...

Schofields Couriers


My transit used to do that it was throttle pedal but my advise would be to get the codes read and take it from there

Motherwell Courier Services


Thanks guys for all the advice, van sorted after several diagonostic readings a few sensor changes the problem was found. Carroded wiring would seem to have been the problem. Fingers crossed.

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