4.2m sprinter vs Transit Jumbo

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Hi all,

After having numerous problems with the spinsters we have had lately, I am seriously considering looking at the ford transit jumbo as a replacement.

If anyone has any pros and cons I would be happy to hear them.

However there is 1 question I do have. I know the internal loading space on the jumbo is 10 cms shorter, what I would like to know is can you comfortably get 4 120x100x170 cms pallets on without damaging the freight? I know the dims of the internal space mathematically works out that you can, Just want to confirm this is the case (based on having a bulkhead).

Thanks in advance.
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I recently changed from an 05 Sprinter to an 06 Transit Jumbo.

I've not tried to get 4 pallets on it yet but the bulk head on the jumbo i've got is molded back into the load area to allow the drivers seat to be moved back hence the measurements from bulk head to back doors on the floor is more than the it is behind the headrest of drivers seat to the back door... hope that makes sense.

Cab area is smaller and more confined as there is a compartment over my head accessed from the back where as the sprinter cab is bigger and is open to the roof of the van so you can basically stand up in the cab.

Jumbo also carries slightly less weight than the sprinter and the lower suspension also makes it ride lower on the back end giving the impression its over weight, hence a recent pull by the MK boys in blue on the M1 recently for a weight check, my first ever. (he wasn't happy as I was 270kg under total weight for the van and could have had the weight distributed so I had another 470kg on the back axle).

I've got a 135bhp jumbo compared to the 109bhp sprinter giving better pulling power but slightly lower fuel economy by about 3 miles per gallon.

I changed from my sprinter which had done 409,000 miles and was having a few mechanical issues which were always costing big money to fix. Transit is a lot cheaper to fix. Got 142,000 miles on now, as i'm not doing as much mileage now, I will probably keep for about 12 - 18 month and change it again at around 200,000 as I don't think it will last too long.

I find the transit to be a smoother ride with the softer suspension and seats are more comfy.

I like the Transit Jumbo but miss the sprinter for some reason, not sure why, maybe just because I've spent the last 4 years almost living in it.

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When employed , we allways had sprinters, and now when driving for others, i prefer companys with sprinters and see that van choice as a mark of investment and good image.
Transits be they big or small get raggedy and sloppy quick ,100k and stay that way for a good long time, then go on being patched.  Sprinters at 100k,200k,250k seem to still be tight and true ,and look good, almost all cabs show some wear but little tear. And i like the space, my knees like the space,my size 11 boots like the space, and for those odd occasions , i'd say the sprinter bench is more comfy for a snooze.
And i charge more for driving other peoples transits, for make up for the niggling irritants of a working day in one, come on - why can't a transit radio hold a station ?

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Talking of company image, I've seen loads of reasonably new sprinters with major rust problems. Is this a common manufacturing problem? (just asking)

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I have seen loads of sprinters with rust, Usually from the rusty streaks down from door handles and rear hinges.
Also when they get a tiny stone chip it rusts in a matter of a week or 2



Must admit I have noticed that too.

Surprising for a German Vehicle  



When I was looking for a van I was going for a vito but I couldnt find a 5/6 year old without any signs of the on set of rust, I also notice a lot of Sprinters of that age with patches of rust

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