Time to hang up my courier hat!

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Springer Express Couriers

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It's time for me to hang up my courier hat, I have other work in the motorcycle trade which has kept me busy for the last few months where the courier side has gone quiet, been a tough year but something has got to give. I would like to thank all the people with whom we have worked with over the last 6 years, the comedians, conmen all life is here!

Take it easy!


Speed Couriers Nationwide Ltd


Congratulations on finding your way out of the Courier Maze, or shoud that be jungle!

Good luck in your new venture

mtvan.com Ltd


Thanks for your contribution to mtvan, Dave, and all the best for the future.




Good luck

GB Distributors (Bridgend)


Best of luck for the future at Springer Express.



Good luck for the future mate, hope it works out

Saddlebow Deliveries


Good luck, all the best. Remember: To think is easy. To act is difficult. To act as one thinks is the most difficult.



Well done Dave and good luck in new venture cant be any harder.

Kernow Delivery Service Ltd


Take care Dave & Michelle, thanks for the work you gave us and the work you have done for us, i hope all go's well for you both in the future. See you on the road.

Jamie Goodland


Congratulations and good luck for the future guys. Never worked with you but hope it all goes well :)

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